Harbour Accounting through Peter Cox is a publisher of books and newsletters. is a series of updates taken from a book written by Peter Cox. It explores the various taxes paid by a taxpayer in Australia and the huge amount of tax we pay in a working lifetime. Would you like to save on tax? taxme@substack provides a process to establish a tax savings plan. Head to to commence a subscription. If you cannot get direct access then search for author Peter Cox.

taxme@substack,com is free to customers.


Lifes Equation – Decide for a better outcome is a book by Peter Cox. Lifes Equation is primarily about surviving life’s journey by understanding what I call life’s equation. Survival is when our instinct determines our actions, leading to outcomes to preserve life as we know it while also providing for our future. This book distinguishes capital from revenue and explores the impact of our decisions across age groups from 25-65 as we ponder the relative merits of the likes of superannuation, investment properties, shares, holiday homes, the sharing economy, money to the kids and retirement…whatever that is (Cox 2021) You can buy Lifes Equation at

Interview with publisher Bradley Shaw
Interview with Martin North
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